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Let's fish!

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I posted this under the "hello Texas" thread, but thought I should make a new thread with it.

Hey stickthrower or anyone else for that matter,
I've just about finished rigging up an old deck boat for fishing. My brother and I ran her up on Grapevine last weekend. Aside from a small leak in the livewell tubing, she ran out great. The heat is about to break and I'm itchin' to get out there. If any of you guys know something about catching big cats on these area lakes, I'd be happy to have you along. The boat is a 20' Playcraft 8' wide with a Yamaha 175 VPro, so she'll run out in the mid 40's. I installed a Lowrance LCM332-c sonar/gps and a 50 gallon Grayline bait tank. I spent most of my dough on the boat, so I'm a little short on tackle for the big cats. Maybe that's where you come in. I need to practice finding and catching shad on these lakes. I'm looking forward to some great times. Drop me a line at [email protected] and maybe we'll "get er' done"

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Thanks for the invite C2. Wish I was in TX to take you up on it. I hope to be there in a month or so. Still trying to get the house sold here in WA. I used to be pretty familiar with Grapevine Lake, that's where I went to High School & my mom still lives out on the Lake. Haven't got any real tips though on the lake as I haven't been fishing there in about 16 years. Keep in touch and when I get there I'll look you up as I know I will fish Grapevine some no matter where I settle as I have family in both Grapvine and Carrollton. I have lots of tackle so loaning you a rig is absolutely NO PROBLEM BROTHER! Your rig sounds great! As soon as I get settled down, or before if I have my way, I want to pick up a flat bottomed boat for fishing, would really like to find one of the old "cigar" type Skeeter boats. My daddy had one he bought new about 63 or 64 and kept it until 2003 when he quit fishing due to his health. Would love to find one for myself!
Take care,
Frank :)
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