let them run with circle hooks??

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    Ok, here is another circle hook question that I wonder about. I have not used them yet but have some to try.

    Normally, when I use stinkbait I set my pole for the cat to run with the bait before the hook is set. Basically, I allow a slack line and then when my line tightens the cat can pull some line from the reel until I set the hook.

    Should this be done with using circle hooks? Or Should I allow a slack line but when the cat pulls don't allow any line out and let the hook set itself then?

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    This is what works for me.

    After you cast your line, ease back on the drag until there is little resistance letting out line, and engage the "clicker". When a cat hits, it will immediately move off, taking line and alerting you by way of the clicker. Give it a good, slow five count, tighten the drag and let the cat pull on it some, then cross his eyes.

    This allows the hook to move back up toward the cat's mouth and turn into the corner for the hook up.

    There have been a couple of times where I didn't drive the hook into bone or through the other side of the lip but, the design of the hook, alone, kept them from throwing the hook.

    Good Luck


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    For me I simply cast my poles, put them in good sturdy pole holders tighten your line, i do loosen my drag a little, but not too much. Then I let the cat do all the work as soon as they apply preasure the hook is set and I have never had one pull out.
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    When using circle hooks I cast, engage and set it in the rod holder- I dont adjust drag and I dont let any slack in the line- in fact, I backreel a bit to see that the line is tight in the carolina rig- the sinker touches the swivel.

    I have yet to lose one on a circle hook this way- I lost one due to line break but nver a foul-hook. That also includes turtles. lol

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    When I fish the circles I use them the same way as centralcalcat just described and have good luck with the hookups and if I my reel has a clicker I turn it on. They work really well for me when tightlining especially with some current. I gave up on baitfishing with the circles because it takes too long for me to get the circle hook out without injuring the baitfish. I use a size 8 Kahle hook and it keeps the fun of hooksetting and it is easy to remove from the fishes mouth. I rig my youngest son up with small circles and he catches way more baitfish than he ever did with straight hooks. He has to fish in close if he uses a bobber because they rarely hook themselves on a long cast with a bobber. I like using the circles for flatheads when the conditions are right because once they are hooked the circle hook stays hooked. Wish I could catch big flatheads like baitfish and I would never use a circle, but I guess the thrill of the hunt wouldn't be much fun if trophy cats were that easy to catch. :) Abu
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    My deal with circle hooks, is I am almost always fishing for channels or blues when using them, since you dont need to tear the hook out of the bait to set. So I just tightline with my bait closed, clicker off, and put a bell on the end of the pole so I know when a catfish is playing with it.
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    magicman, Let them run when using circle hooks. pick-up your rod just start reeling the fish should be on.
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    thanks for all of the great tips!!!
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    remember to not set the hook just make shure you keep tension on your line and you shouldme good. The cat should make the hook dig in more during the fight.
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    I fish with circles and I almost always use freespool with the clicker. When i hear the clicker i pick the rod up and let him run for about 2-3 seconds. Then I let them load up the pole then reel in a little bit. After about 5 seconds with him on there I give a little friendly tug. I dont know what is the right way, but this way works for me. And I always have myself ready to hit that star drag just incase.
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    When using circles I have my rods in sturdy bankfishing rod holders, and i dont touch the rod till it loads up " bends heavy".I then pick up the rod and pull back gently..I have lost very many fish using circles, the ones I have lost were due to the point of the hook turning back into the bait and preventing it from hooking in the fishes mouth.