Let Me Just Say This - Best outdoor forums around!

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by WylieCat, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. WylieCat

    WylieCat Well-Known Member

    I have to say, this is one of the best outdoor forums around.

    There are a lot of forums that I have visited, but this is the one I come to the most. There seems to be a lot of fighting and arguing on the other forums, while this group seems to focused on the subject at hand. I think good moderators help eliminate problems before they start, so thanks guys.

    I am really impressed with how much information everyone is willing to give up about how they fish. There are some saltwater forums where everyone brags about a big catch, but when a new person wants to get started you can't get anyone to respond to a post.

    The help here is tremendous. The folks are knowledgeable about many subjects from fishing to boating.

    Great job everyone! Pat yourself on the back.
  2. ksutroubleii

    ksutroubleii New Member

    New Philadelphia, OH
    We all love it here. The name says it all, brotherhood. We come here to learn and share. While you can learn a lot here, we like to have some fun too. Read through the forums, ask question, answer questions, or just post something funny or interesting. If everyone does these things, the brotherhood will continue to grow and thrive.

  3. RIP

    RIP New Member

    Somerville, Tennessee
    I agree, this is the best catfishing site on the net.
  4. catchinghogs

    catchinghogs Well-Known Member

    have not look at any other sites once i found this there was no need to look elswhere!
  5. Katmaster Jr.

    Katmaster Jr. New Member

    Wilmington, NC
    Yes, this site is awesome! Look how much it is growing, and look how large we already are! Happy to be here, and plan on staying along time.:)
  6. shania

    shania New Member

    San Leandro, Ca
    ":0a27: 100%"

    You can't find a better fishing site "Anywhere" on the internet - Better than this one:

    The people are the best, & they are there to help you out with fishing information, person problems, household do & don't, computer problems ect.

    It's always good, when people come together as one, & forget about the problems in the world, or can be there when others need a hand.

    The B.O.C. is the best thing that happen to me in a long time & I'm here to stay.


    Take It Easy,
  7. Itch2Scratch

    Itch2Scratch New Member

    Ivy Bend on LOZ, Missouri
    Like I have said...."BOC Is Simply The Best";) ...so why bother waisting time looking at anything else, it's all here!:) :thumbsup:
  8. cat daddy 791

    cat daddy 791 New Member

    Kansas- Wichita
    I Totally Agree. This Site Is Awesome. Its Also Very Addictive. Just Like Fishing. Man, I Never Knew I Was A Junkie Until Now. Lol.
  9. misterwhiskers

    misterwhiskers New Member

    I was just looking at another site,which i do on occasion.Main reason is i siogned up tio get their magazine and seen they had a website,now i really like their magazine but the website to me is very very sluggish same posts today as i seen 3-4 days agaoi.Seen someone posted about the BOC on there under catsfish forum and most guys have been here and ALL loved it and spoke highly about it.
    Only complaint i seen was the member names they used there were already taken hewre,....LOL
    This place is chocked full of info and on top of that full of great people just waiting to lend a helping hand.
    I know they been doing alot of changes here but to me this place is still the most user friendly forum i ever seen!Keep up all the great werk!

    It was nice to be in another fishing forum and see so many good remarks and the amazement by hopw big,easy and helpful this place is.Reminded me of how special this place is and i now take fer granted aftyer a year or so of poppin in everyday.Truly a role model for any open forum on the web!
  10. teaysvalleyguy

    teaysvalleyguy New Member

    GC, OHIO
    Not only the best catfishing site but the best site period. We are one big happy family, although DH is the in law that everyone tries to advoid, we all love each other. LMAO