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    I live and fish on Toledo Bend and for those of you that may not know it is a very big reservoir (1200 miles of shoreline) and has some big Bream. I can find and catch Bull Bream in the spring, but after their spawn the move real deep, like 25'-35'. Now here is my question....how do I find them during the Summer?

    I have been led to believe you can find large groups of Bull Bream deep, but don't really know where to start.

    To give you and idea of when you really get on the Bull Bream around the spawn here....pretty long wile back I was fishing for Bass with a friend and the big Bream started taking the tails off our worms in a spot that was about 12'-14' deep so we went back to the marina and got some crickets. We went back and started killing them and ended up with 42 with the smallest at 3/4 pound and the biggest at 1 3/4 pound. I would love to be able to find this type action in the Summer and I am told you can, but how?
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    You might try drifting with crickets in deep water . I have found them in coves with trees in 25 ft of water, tree tops were 10ft below surface. Hope this helps.


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    when i fish a lake for gill's and find that there in deeper water, heres a few things i've learned so far. if you have a fish-finder, it will save time. i find a weed or stump row and find where it drops off. also i've found them on a flat in the middle of nowhere. a lake i fish alot for gill's has a flat in deep water, i find them there every year in august/september. i always find these areas and use a red hook and a small sinker, and tight line, with nightcrawler. its been real productive way to hook some big gill's and redears, for me. hope i could help.
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    Thanks guys!

    I have been thinking about taking a tactic from the Crappie book and either making a small brush pile or some alfalfa hay and sinking it in deep water around a creek. Not one that comes up to withing 10'-12' of the surface like Crappie, but one that is in say 25' of water that is about 5 feet tall and bait it, but then I think that may draw in some Catfish which would make dinner out of the Bream.

    Anyway I would be interested in your thinking on this if you don't mind. Is there something else I could sink that would be better for the Bream?