Lessons Learned 6/25 upper Norman

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    1. Just because it started yesterday doesn't mean it will start today.

    0530 at 150 ramp and my battery is dead and the jumper cables I had been meaning to put in the truck are still hanging in the basement. That's OK, it's much easier to crawl halfway under the bow in the dark and pull out one of the trolling motor batteries to start with instead of having jumper cables taking up space in my truck. RIGHT

    2. Just because your setup caught fish yesterday doesn't mean it always will.

    0900. I'm fishing MY favorite bait (shad), MY favorite rod layout, MY favorite depth, and MY favorite speed. So why am I fishing my third spot of the day and only caught 1 small blue in 3 hrs. The fish were not biting and I'm going home. I thought about all the posts LKN Blues has about white perch, bream, speed ect. and so I changed bait, let my lines way out, and slowed to almost not moving. Same drift produced 2 channels, 5 nice blues and the my best blue this year.

    Long post to say that I learned to be better prepared and to be flexible. Each day is different.

    Thanks for the posts Mac

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