Lessoned learned.

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    Well i learned a valuable lesson and i got a nice little story to go along with it.

    Well i was out fishing a few days ago at the cumberland steamplant with a good friend of mine ever since high school. We had just gotten off of work and we decided to go try our luck out there. When we arrived there we went ontop of the wall and set our poles out. I noticed that i had run out of string to set my poles in. And instead of going back to the store up the road i decided on being lazy and said i would just keep extra attention on the poles. So i baited my poles one with a live shad and the other with a cut up shade (i cut the head and the tail off). We were doing good in a hour of being there we had caught about 5 cats (all rangeing from 3 to 5lbs) and a few 10lb plus drum. Well one of my poles had just had its bait stolen and i was rebaiting it. When i heard a guy on my right yelling at me "You pole is getting a huge bite !" When i looked up my pole was bouncing really good (i mean pole was basically doubled over). So i ran over there as fast as i could and just as i was reaching for it. BAM!!!! There it went my pole went flying over the rail and straight into the water.:cry:

    So yha before yha's ever go out on the wall make sure you have string or pvcp pipe holders.
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    I'm sorry to hear that man,I hope it was'nt an expensive rig

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    Sorry for the loss. As you stated "Lesson Learned". We all make mistakes and have second thoughts.
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    Sorry I had to laugh but it just reminds me of my dad and my brother..They were infamous for losing poles stolen by big fish..
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    Sorry to hear that. But like you said lesson learnd. The hard for me usually, lol
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    i had the same thing happen to me out there onemorning this past winter. i threw a couple of poles out and was throwing out the last pole and my spool had froze and when the weight caught it threw the rod out of my hands. but i was one of the lucky ones i caught it back about20 minutes later. sorry for the loss