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Discussion in 'Boating' started by takirb, May 28, 2009.

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    So i finally got the boat out to Lake Hartwell this passed weekend. After maneuvering it down the tight lil' road to get to the ramp, someone had their truck/trailer blocking a good portion of the runway. Took me a good bit to get the boat around it, but managed to back it successfully down the ramp. My friend gave it a slight shove, and off i went, just me and boat. "See ya'll at the camp site!" as i waved, turned the key, and rr-rr-rr. Cranking battery's dead. WTH?! Switched to the deep cycle, rr-rr-rr, then nothing. So, i drifted about 150 yards away from the ramp, all the while it's pouring rain and my friends just staring at me from the ramp. I ended up having to row my 22ft toon back to the ramp. I had to anchor it to stop drifting the wrong direction, build momentum, then pull up anchor and make a break for it LOL Took me about 30min or so to get back.

    The boat shop was the last place that ran my boat, so i don't know how the cranking battery died. The deep cycle was in a battery box, and it turned out that i accidentally popped the 30A fuse when trying to crank with it. At the time i was thinking the battery switch was the culprit, so i ripped out the switch and all assoc wiring in the parking lot. Now i'm thinking i should put it all back in place. I used 4GA wire for everything, that wouldn't have killed the battery by cranking would it? Lesson learned, always test batt charge the day of, and never let your friend let go of the rope till the motor's running and all is well :wink:

    Oh, and at Lake Hartwell State Park, it's far easier to get into and out of the public access ramp, not so much for the campers ramp. Almost rolled the toon twice on the way out, campers were parked everywhere!
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    Been there done that:big_smile:, always start the boat now when its still hooked up to the trailer:wink:

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    This story makes me love my pull start motor that much more. Mine's only a 25 though, so its very easy to pull start.