Leopard Frogs

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by Catmaster, Feb 22, 2006.

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    SE Kansas
    Me and one of my friends were setting lines one night and on the second round we had to rebait about 30 hooks, which left us with only 1 black perch and 1 craw dad. We were setting around the fire thinking of what we could use for bait ( the bait shop was closed by this time). Then a frog jumped onto my leg. Thats when I got the idea to use them and have used them scence. Scence that time I have caught some pretty sizable flats on my lines. They are all over the gravel bar after night, at least in my area, which makes them a darn good alternative. So if you are running low on bait look to the ground. I actualy started using them and black perch as a backup bait if their not biting on Black perch, carp or bullhead. I recomend them to anyone who can get them. (I still would not put them over Black Perch or Carp though.)
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    I've never used frogs for flatheads, but they are deadly on channels when you can find them. In a dry year they are pretty scarce around here. I never had a lot of luck when I used them alive, but a guy showed me how to hook them, and if I can explain it, it works really well. First thump the frog to kill it, then take the point of the hook and slit it's belly open. Using a long shank hook in 4/0-5/0 size, run the point thru the upper leg muscle, pull it up the shank, and run the point of the hook through their snout. Then stretch the legs out, and make a loop in your line to hold the legs stretched. When you get done, the frog should be all stretched out with the hook in the nose. Channels seem to love them, and hooked that way, hook-up percentage is much better than hooked just thru the leg or lips. Seems like if they suck the guts out w/o getting hooked, you have to throw the frog away and start fresh. Hope I explained it, try it, it really works.

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    Leapord frogs are great channel bait, but they don't seem to work that good on flatheads.
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    I was told that frogs were the best bait you could get for cat, so the next time we had a big rain I caught about 30 or so of rain frogs, I didn't get a bit on them, but you never know the fish may have not been there.