Leopard Frogs For Catfish Bait

Discussion in 'Catfishing Library' started by Whistler, Aug 26, 2005.

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    Original post made by Brian McKee(Brimcowa) on June 20, 2002

    As we head into the early summer and beyond, a bait worth mentioning is the lowly leapord frog! I have been known to waste more time catching frogs for bait right in the middle of a fishing trip. There are several ways to present them. Dependent upon size, I usually hook them through the lips with a 2/0 hook and use a very small egg sinker to keep them down. Problem with this presentation is that a frog will hunker down and shut down making themselves virtually invisible on the bottom. I haven't tried hooking one without the weight yet but hear it will keep the frog swimming and no self respecting cat can resist them!

    Another way is to quarter them up like a chicken and again, with a bait hook, get them out there on the edge of that hole or brush pile and hang on tight!

    Last year on the Wapsipinicon River in East Central Iowa I was walking along the bank and caught a small frog, hooked him and cast to the far bank between two huge drift piles. The spot was between two long bends in the river and below some slow rapids. Casting distance was perfect for the presentation. Far enough away so that I didn't spook anything in that pool but close enough that with an egg sinkered slip rig I was able to hit the water just below the first pile and let the little guy wander down stream into that dark water. That 25lb flattie hit that frog so hard that he almost ripped the pole right out of my hands! I was fortunate enough to have had my heaviest rig in my hands spooled with 20lb. test line fresh out of the box! I needed every ounce of that rig and my own strength to land that brute! My proudest moment when it comes to cattin'!! Talk about fresh bait...and all it cost me was a couple of calories burnt up reaching down and snagging him with my bare hands!

    Oh, yes! Bring on the summer and the leapord frogs cause I'm ready and willing to "waste" another 10 minutes of my life determining who will get the last laugh...me or Mr. Flathead!! Come to think of it, if I had a dime for every frog and monster cat that I lost last summer, after finding out this trick, I could probably buy me a nice little cooler to sit on once I get back to that spot on the Wapsi and ring up Mr. Flatty's grandpop!!!

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    Bryan, I was showen the same bait only in a diffrent way, the guy told me to stomp a mudhole out of the frog and then thread him on the hook and THEN HOLD ON, the grass frog is the best bait I've ever used with such great results, only problem is getting them

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    I have read that if you hook the frog through one of the forelegs and through him out with no weight it is the best presentation of all. once they settle on the bottom pull him off the bottom and repeat until you get banged on. i was under the impression that it was a big channel cat spring/summer bait
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    Ive caught more than one channel off a single frog. Throw it out once alive and threw it out again as a mangled mess.

    I use a slip bobber rig and it works great.
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    I have used toads already with great results I hooked them from the underside up through the back and out:wink:
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    Growing up in Iowa we've used frog quite a bit on resevoirs, usually for channel cats. One of our favorite ways, is to take the frog and run a knife through him from side to side. This allows a bigger whole bait, lays natural, has excellent sent dispersion, and also will sink without weight since you almost always puncture the lungs.
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    When I was a kid my Great Grand father would carry a 7 foot or so long willow ant trim it so there was just a fork at the top about 6 inches long wrapped in 2 layers of hail screen and would swat frogs with it as we walked down the creek. It sure beats trying to catch them with your hands.
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    I use lepord frogs a lot on the little rivers around here,I hook them up through the head so the point comes out about between the eyes. I use a bb gun pistol to catch the frogs,just shootem in the head and pickem up. we have some shallow water rivers near the house and I also use a slip sinker rig and toss about 5 to 10 foot up from a brushpile and let the current pull the frog down to within a foot of so of the brushpile,If theres a cat in there it won't take long,just 10 minutes or so at each spot is all I waste,usually within 2 minutes of bait placement the bait gets whacked hard. Don't overlook the shallow brushpiles even during the day,I've had big channels and smaller flatheads come up out of the hole under the pile into water shallow enough that their dorsal fin was sticking out of the water to snatch that frog. I have lots of luck in the river with them,but no luck at all in lakes. any ideas?