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Length - Weight Chart

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Is there a length to weight chart online for catfish? I searched google, but i couldn't find one. I have heard before that you can get the aproximate weight of the fish by measuring the length and the girth of the fish. Is this true?
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type: catfish weight calculator......... in your search box, mine came up with lots of results. not gonna post a link cause last time i did, the moni's took it off, and edited my i tried a few of the calculators and they seemed to give a little heavier weight than i would have expected.
Best I remember... and dont quote me for sure...

Length X Girth X Girth / 800 = Approx Weight
Thanks for the help guys.
Sal- The formula that the websites are using is length X girthXgirth/700
Beware of the Catfish weight calculator....they are NOT as accurate as they would seem to be. I saw a 48lb flatty caught and weighed, and according to the catfish weight scale, it supposedly would have pushed 70. :cursing:
another place to look is in the state game and parks manuals. i know for sure there is one in nebraska manual so i would guess maybe they all do. good luck and i hope this helps.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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