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Support 1 fish over 32" per day regulation?

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  1. kat in the hat

    kat in the hat Well-Known Member

    Lately there has been some friction between trophy/tourney/R&R only people, and people who employ whatever legal means available to catch catfish for food or fun. One issue is CPR, and opinion on how catfish should be regulated to promote more trophy size fish. Another is a maximum length limit that a person can keep.

    It seems like the folks who use alternative methods are not too hung up on what size fish they catch. That's why I'm posting this here. I was curious about how many alt. method people feel about a regulation that would only allow you to keep 1 fish over 32" per day.

    Would such a reg. affect your fishing?

    For the record, I am supportive of this proposition. It seems a fair compromise. Only recently has Mo. differentiated between blues, and channel cats in the regs. You used to be able to keep 10 of either, or both. Now, you can keep 10 channels, 5 blues, and 5 flats. I think that was a good step. You can keep more fish daily, but regulates the harvest of blues.

    I was just curious how this type of reg. would affect alt. method fishermen, and if you could support such a measure.
  2. whisker maniac

    whisker maniac New Member

    I don't think it would affect me in the least. A 32" fish I would put back anyway. I fish all kinds of methods of fishing but when I'm fishing for eaters I mostly trotline and I don't keep anything over 10lbs. Mostly those fish will be channels.

    Here in Arkansas they only have a limit of 10 cats per outing but that is a mixture of all cats. I would like to see them break it down by breed of catfish. I think if properly done that would better the population of all cats in the state.

  3. dafin

    dafin New Member

    If there is a length limit it should be the same for all , no one can have more than one over size in the boat. I see that two states have let the tourney people bring in any they want. To me that is a slap in the face of all other fishermen.
  4. 223reload

    223reload New Member

    In my case I'd rather see a legal minimun length than a legal size limit,I think the smaller fish are the main thing,they wont ever reach trophy size if we keep all the younguns,I'd be all for a 16" min here in New Mexico.
  5. gottagetabigun

    gottagetabigun New Member

    well here in ok i'm kind of confused. flatheads have to be 20 inches long in o.k. to keep. i have no problem in letting them go under 20 inches. i also usually let 20 to 30 pounders go. i always let them go swimming in a 350 degree bath after a good cornmeal massage. but thats just me.
  6. opposum

    opposum Active Member

    I agree with Richard. There should be a minimum length. Where I fish below Truman Dam In Missouri you see people keeping fish that are less than 10 inches. What can you do with one that small? One slip with the knife and no meat. I'm sure that some are kept for "stocking ponds" which is illegal in Missouri. Personally, I don't keep it unless he's 20 inches. At 20 inches they start having some meat.

    I would agree with a regulation that limits the number of fish over a certain length. Below Truman Dam (throughout the no boating zone) where I fish you can keep only 4 Catfish in the aggregate and only 1 over 24 inches.

    One thing about it is that all bodies of water have different pressure, growth rate, population, etc. etc. This makes one regulation not feasible across the board for all bodies of water.
  7. PTDixieGal

    PTDixieGal New Member

    Little Rock, Ar
    I don't have enough information on this regulation...for instance, WHERE is this regulation? I don't know how it is where you're at but in Arkansas there are some regulations that vary depending on where you are fishing. So I can't say I support it, I can't say that I don't support it, and none of your business doesn't fit, either.
  8. ibmeubu

    ibmeubu New Member

    I also agree with a minimum size limit. I have seen fish taken home that it would take many for a meal. I remember one time when we were commercial fishing ,it was going pretty slow but we were catching many 3/4 to a 1lb so daddy decided to keep them , they were white cat , We had a fish market and we keep the fish live or dressed. We had one pool that had all these little ones in it , well a man came by and said "you have just what I want. He said I want 4 lbs of those dressed. well 44 white little white cat later and we had 4 1/2 Lbs . Lessons learned we didn't keep anymore small ones . Yes there should be a minimum size limit. By the way the price back then was .45 cents a lb live and .75 cents a lb dressed ready to fry
  9. CJ21

    CJ21 New Member

    Montgomery, Alabama
    Now in Alabama you can keep any Blues or Flathead Catfish over 30''.
  10. massa_jorge

    massa_jorge New Member

    i too would rather see a minimum than a maximum size limit. texas has a really healthy cat fishery. blues and channels must be at least 12", flatheads must be 18". some places it is different, like community fishing lakes there is no minimum length on channels and blues. others the flats have to be 20". all in all, i think the minimum length system works, based on what i have seen. now i have also read about some states where cats aren't even a gamefish and there is no limit, that definitely needs to be adressed.
  11. CountryHart

    CountryHart New Member

    It wouldn't bother me to see both a minimum and max. on fish in my state. I've seen what slot limits can do for the bass fishing. It helps.
  12. Ghosth

    Ghosth New Member

    North Dakota
    Up here in North Dakota we are allowed one fish over 24" per day and a total of no more than 5. This is for the Red river and its tributary's. The Central and Western parts of the state have no limit on catfish, for either size or number.

    However there is no legal trotline or jug fishing that I am aware of. Which is not to say that I've never seen a limb line or set line in the river. :) But it wasn't put there by me.

    I know the BOC covers a wide range of locations and cultures. Accordingly our views tend to be just as wide and varying, as to how we see what is accepted and legal. However I'd really like to see the BOC taking the lead in setting the trend nationwide. Preferably after what is I'm sure would be a long and heated debate.

    If we want our children to be able to catch big catfish in the future we need to protect those resources.

    I can't speak for any waters other than my own local river. But there is a very healthy supply of 3 - 9" channel and flathead cats here in the red. Put on a small hook and a piece of worm and you can catch them all day long.

    Personally my tipping point is the 5lb mark. Below that if I am short on fish I'll take and clean them. Above that I release so that someone else can share the fun.

    If you just put a limit on taking small fish its possible to over fish the big breeders. If you just protect the big fish overfishing to the point of removing the small ones becomes a valid concern.

    Balance is the key in my opinon. Balance, tolerance, and thinking and planning for the future.

    Sorry if I climbed up on my soap box, I think this issue hits all of us where we live.
  13. jtrew

    jtrew New Member

    Little Rock, AR
    Here in Arkansas, we have a reverse minimum size limit. On the Arkansas River only, you are allowed an additional limit of 10 channel catfish under 16" in length. Channels aren't heavily targeted in this area, and apparently there are so many channels that they are getting stunted. Oh, and they took the limit completely off of channels on Lake Chicot.
  14. justwannano

    justwannano Active Member

    SE Iowa
    I refuse to answer any of these polls.
    IMHO they are just a way for antis to load up ammunition to try and regulate.
    If the DNR of your state thought that wildlife , in this case catfish, were in danger its their job to regulate.

    Bamby lovers unite and go away!!!!!
  15. kat in the hat

    kat in the hat Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the good replies! I have no agenda, I assure you. I also don't believe that a blanket code would benefit all fisheries. Anyone who has followed any of my posts knows that I don't believe that all waters should be regulated for trophy fish. I keep what fish that I intend to eat, and throw them back if I have plenty. I believe in to each his own. I think that for the most part, catfish are a food fish. A renewable resource. I have always thrown back the small fish to grow to the size that I like to eat. I don't eat many channels. I like flats to be in the 20# range for harvesting for food. Blues are best to me under 20#, but I have kept them up to 40#. I didn't care for the texture, so I will release the big ones in the future...when I get to fish again.

    This thread was started out of simple curiosity, and I'm glad it's been civil so far. If you look at some of the fish that I've posted in 'My Stuff', you will notice a couple of replies like "I sure hope you returned that fish". Well, that's why I don't post pics like that anymore. I don't like to be preached at when all I tried to do was share my successes.

    Since then, we have caught boatloads of fish that would just drive some people on here crazy. Well, I'm glad we did, because after the floods this year, mine and my fishing buddy's freezers are running dry. Sometimes, that's all we have to eat is some fish, or some deer. We can keep twice the creel limit in the freezer. A limit of 5# fish would not last any time. Last summer, I filled my freezer to the hilt, and now I'm down to maybe two meals, with very little prospect of renewing my stock. In the winter, we eat fish once a week typically. If I don't load up this fall, it could get to be slim pickins.

    I read a survey once about a flathead study in the Mo. River. It stated that 75% of heavy cover that was electroshocked, produced at least one "large" flathead. They defined large as being 20# or more. It's hard to study the big rivers, but I think that a 20# flat is plentiful, and very tasty. I do not hesitate to harvest a flat that size. I've eaten a 62# flat, and it tasted as good as any fish I ever ate. I've never caught one that big, but would have reservations about keeping one that size. I encouraged the release of a 50# flat last year, but I ain't gonna chastise someone for keeping it when I know they are gonna eat it. If I get invited to the fish fry, I will even help devour it. :big_smile: I wish there were some sort of survey on flatheads in my area that get harvested to see what the impact is, if any. I know it's in the thousands year after year, generation after generation, and they don't seem to be rare. Difficult to catch sometimes, but not uncommon. A flathead under 50# barely even raises an eyebrow. I'd rather see the 5-10# fish released to get to a good harvest size myself.

    Here's a some pics of a couple of trips last year. Never posted them because it just pisses people off. Take into consideration that neither trip produced anywhere near our legal limit, but it was enough to stock our freezers with enough fish to survive the winter on, and have a couple of social fish fries. In either trip, maybe 2 fish topped 32", so it doesn't seem like such a regulation would have much effect on my fishing. I buy a permit to fish, and to harvest fish, and to be able to possess a certain number of the fish that I catch. Is this the kind of "rape" that trophy fishers are talking about? Taking their fish, and their grandkids opportunity to catch nice fish? Idunno. For the most part, my dad and grandpa taught me to fish, and their father and grandpa taught them. We have more restrictive codes than they had. Seems odd that there are still plenty of fish to go around. Go ahead and let the elitists hate on me. Their problem, not mine.

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  16. lance

    lance New Member

    Just my thought If the dnr does a good job . Let them make the rules .But if your not catching many think about what you keep
  17. lance

    lance New Member

    Sorry bout the underlining computer gliche
  18. uttatoo

    uttatoo New Member

    greatbend kansas
    i think it would be great
    i keep them 20lbs and under so it would only change my mind a little not alot
  19. kennylee

    kennylee New Member

    Missouri -
    I believe the Missouri Dept. of Conservation's biologists have a complete understanding of what's best for the MO fisheries and what works best.
    That being said there are times the regs. need tweeked and or changed, the best thing to happen to the Missouri river was to ban commercial fishing.
    In MO there is a system to loby the Conservation Dept. to get the needed changes, not just catfishing but all areas of conservation.
    The orginization is call the Conservation Federation.

    JERMSQUIRM New Member


    I DIDNT VOTE. WHY. i feel that each species needs its own regulations. WHY?

    answer. a flathead isnt a channel. what if a guy goes out to catch flatheads for meals. some think lil fish taste better. well some of them guys may never ate flatheads. there great at all sizes. ok. the guy spends 2 weeks flathead fishing to only on that last night catch 2 over 32". all that time he gets one fish.

    our state has NO regs what so ever. ive seen a guy keep over 40 channels. i have kept 25 give or take in a day.

    something in the lines of # limit on channels. and slot limits on blues and flats. WHY? well then guys aint keeping 6" channels then get home and not want to clean them.

    something like flatheads for example. like a min of 24" and only 2 a day over 40" and simmilar with blues. and a number limit on channels.

    i dont critixe a guy for keeping a 50lb flathead. but when i see a guy with 9-10 in a boat on one run. i kind of get a sick feeling in my stomach.