Lemon Lake, spillway

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    Went out to lemon lake today for the first time in a few years.Only managed 1 channel 2#,several bluegills, a 4# largemouth bass( which happens to be my pb on bass) to huge snapping turltes and 4 bowfins.Of all the places I ever fish that is the only place I have ever caught a bowfin.Does anyone else catch them and if so where??? They are not my favorite fish but let me tell you, that fight like mad.Also at the spillway there were so many bluegills up next to the surface that it looked like black clouds in the water,but what I found strange was that it was like they were starving because more that half that I seen and caught were very very thin.I did catch some that looked fine and all the other fish looked fine just not the bluegills.All in all it was a good day.