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I'm left handed. I learned to adapt.
I shoot right handed. I cant even aim a gun left handed.
Played ball left handed.
I use right handed reels which I think were actually made for left handers to start with.
I HAD left handed clubs. Its not the clubs that are a problem for left handers its the golf courses. I never went to one that wasn't built for a right handed player.

In grade school long about the 4th or 5th grade they finally recognized a left handed student was in fact a humanoid. They bought left handed scissors.
The manufacturer had to identify the difference so the left handed scissors were green rubber coated.
The right handers claimed the left handed scissors because of the padding.
The left handers were still cutting right handed.
I still use scissors right handed.

Before this in the 3rd grade learning to write in cursive I was told since I was left handed I had to put my notebook paper upside down on the desk and wrap my arm around it to write. Essentially, write upside down.
I refused and was sent to the office. I never did learn to write upside down.

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Jen,Welcome to the BOC. I'm a southpaw,But like Mark. I adapted,not by anyother means than practicality. When I was younger,there werent left handed anything,my 2nd grade teacher was read the riot act for tying my left hand behind my back and forcing me to write right handed,:sad2:I do everything right handed except eat ,write ,use a hammer and weld.
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