Leeches as blue catfish bait

Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by Fry Guy, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Fry Guy

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    Warrensburg Missouri
    Just wandering if anybody has had luck using leaches. I have only used them once and that was last year. A buddy of mine took me fishing in a lake up in Macon Missouri and I caught about 11 blues between 5-10lbs each and lost about five in a few hours. We were using bobbers casting about 10-15 ft of a rocky bank in about 4-5 ft of water. I would like to use them again but can't find any around here in the bait shops. They last a long time. I used one leach pretty much the whole time. How have any of you done?
  2. primitivefrn

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    collins mo
    most are shipped in from minn. should be in baitshops, in may .
    check with your bait shop ,.
    They dont, trap the leeches until ice out. then ship south .
    I have had good luck at times with them.
    seems the big cats will hit as well as small.
    largest was a blue about 50lb, several from 20 to 35 range.
    This was on trot lines and bank poles. dont use trot anymore, catch enough with rod and reel, wanted to say this before, anybody peeed down their pant leg.

  3. kspor

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    there are lots of leech suppliers listed. None had current stock at this time. Here is a link to one that normally carries them when in season.

  4. crazy

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    I know a creek that has leeches in it. Only thing is it's in Iowa. Pretty easy to trap them too. All you have to do is take a bloody steak and put it the sand next to the water and come back a few hours later to gather them up. I'm sure there are creeks around these parts with them in it.
  5. Bigmagic

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    I used to get them out of the Little Blue river in KC. They are fantastic catfish bait epecially for trotlines or jugs where you need a hearty bait. They will live at least three days on the hook and catch fish over 65lbs I know this from personal experience. Back before I realized the damage trotlines were doing to our catfish population I was a trotliner. Leeches are a great bait! See ya on the water !