Leavenworth Lake!!!

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  1. deerhunter56

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    Well me and 2 of my buddies "dad" and family friend all went out the otha night and set up in a good spot and threw out and were pullin in sum 15 pound channels.... i have neva had that much fun fishin i didnt kno cats could fight like that my arms were hurtin after the first one lol... i hope to get back out there soon and start knockin em dead again...
  2. daddio

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    thats cool i havent been out to tongy since they drained it oh 20 yrs ago? It sounds like I might have to go back

  3. LBM

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    Prairie Village, Kansas
  4. deerhunter56

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    yea im sorry it is leavenworth county lake... but alot of people call it tongie lake sorry for the mix up... and yes they have got some nice fish coming out of there just find the channel and cast in to it and if your also intrested in the bait we used message me and i will let you know.