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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by atvracer, Nov 30, 2009.

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    Just wondered what people's thoughts are of leasing hunting land. I have hunted a property for the last 14 years(with permission from the farmer who leases it) until someone leased it this year for hunting purposes and posted all the property. Didn't see one person there during gun season, maybe the guy is a bowhunter? It seems most places in deer country nowadays is posted, especially over the last 3-4 years. Most of these landowners are very old, live far away, don't hunt deer, etc. What ever happened to the good old days of asking Mr Farmer if you could hunt his property?

    I am pretty much against any form of leasing land for hunting, HOWEVER, what may I expect if I want to do this myself in order to have a place to go? What kind of dollar amount is reasonable leasing land say per acre??

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    Me and my buddy leased a 190 acre farm in KY. Public land around here is crowded. Its a great way to hunt. the deer there are not pressured like public land. It hurt the bank account, but I love to hunt more than anything so to me its worth it.

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    Saronville Ne.
    well around here it varies,from 1000 bucks a season per section to 5000 bucks a section for premium land with riverbottom etc.

    I think it's BS myself,but don't blame the farmer most of the time,they like money too,and what easier way to get some than letting someone hunt while the crops are out and nothing else is going on. I blame the guys who were always to lazy to ask permission until opening day and a few greedy souls who started the mess like local guides,etc.
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    Not gonna post on this. I might get:angry::angry::angry::angry:
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    50 to 200 bucks a acer or more. Dont give up, even try talken to the guys who leased it to share the lease -- Lota guys here share lease expenses some just bow others rifle or muzzle loader only, they workit out.
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    $1.00-$4.00 per acre from what I hear to lease deer ground in VA,,,Huge amounts if its waterfowl. I know of one piece of Marsh being leased for $20,000 for a 1000 acre marsh. It kills me as VA has so few ducks. I lease in Argentina ducks where the limit is 30 birds a day for $25-$50 per man per day.

    I am still able to deer hunt in VA as an invited guest on ten farms or so. Farmers hate deer pretty bad over here. I do pay $200 a year to hunt waterfowl on a pretty good place. About 15 of us in that lease. Mainly field shooting geese and a few ducks along a tidal creek.
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    How about the cabin?
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    they throw that in ?
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    Four Oaks, NC
    Leases vary greatly.
    I leased out 40 acres of timber to someone for as little as 350 bucks a year.
    Because I liked the kid and it gave him and his dad somewhere to hunt.

    The paper land next to me used to lease for 3.50 an acre until I drove the price up to 8 an acre. I didn't want the lease but I kept telling the paper company I'd lease it for double then what they were getting no matter what they were getting.
    It forced the price up, drove out that crowd that was on it and got in 2 respectable fellas. First thing the new guys did was come by to meet me and ask me would them rifle hunting that close to my house bother me.
    Of course not. I'd rather them rifle hunt then shotgun hunt in my backyard any day.

    There is still people that will private lease but you have to take into consideration that more people are hunting these days. Folks have kids, grandkids, and friends. They will be reluctant to lease.
    Let's not forget our sue happy society. Some states protect the owner from injury or death lawsuits, some don't.

    I don't mind leasing. It puts a little something in the landowner's pocket and the hunter has a vested interest. Even though he doesn't own it he has some pride of ownership in the lease. He is more apt to treat it like you want it treated.
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    Depends on the area of the country and the "hype" too. Our lease's run roughly $10-$50/acre. We lease one 250+/- acres for $2500. We've got several small spots of 10-30 acres that run more per acre but are usually worth it. West of us in Pike county it was over $100/acre. One farm over there is 250 acres and goes for $8,000/year, but its not the average place.Its just west of our 32 acres. Buying price over there approached $7,000/acre 2 years ago, bottom fell out now and its $1800-$3,000/acre. I dont like leasing in general but it was lease or loose the ground we had and join up with ever more crowded private ground that allows anyone in or stand shoulder to shoulder on most of the public ground. Our quality and enjoyment of hunting hasnt changed for the worse and may have increased with leasing. Its nice to get to a spot 2 hours before day light and have your stand/blind still there and not have some yahoo come stumbling thru at shooting light. Kids see more deer and more relaxed deer. You can put in food plots and know you will be the only one hunting them. We're all predators and as such we dont care to share the woods too much with non relatives/friends. I know I for one got tired of setting up an area, scouting all summer/early fall and having some greenhorn stumble thru and blow the whole deal, happened too many times. We still have a few spots we hunt for "free"(we always trade work etc for access, sometimes we give them wild meats, jerky, summer sausage etc and ALWAYS send thank you and Christmas cards with a small gift.) but those days are numbered too.