Learning to Throw A Castnet

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    Original post made by Michael Strawn(Fordman) on August 9, 2002
    Throwing A Castnet

    Two seperate hands. One is holding, one is moving. If you are right handed, this is the moving hand. Make sure that there is a loop at the end of the rope that comes through the center of the net. Place this loop SECURELY around the wrist of the holding hand. Grasp the slider (plastic or metal) that has mulitple lines through it between the thumb and forefinger of the holding hand allowing the weights on the net to pull all slack downward. Move the slider to the moving hand and keep it there while you coil the main line loosely into the holding hand. Grasp coils of main line with fingers of holding hand and return the slider to the holding hand also. Now you must maintain a grip on all of this and also grasp one spot on the edge of the net where the weights are in the same hand. The holding hand is now ready. Grasp another weight about 1/3 of the circumfrence of the circle away, clockwise if right handed. You are now ready to begin the throw. The moving hand will stretch behind your body making a fist with the thumb and fingers closest to your butt, the holding hand will folling across your body in the same direction. The throw is accomplished by twisting your upper body toward the net, then uncoiling, bringing the moving hand in an arc from behind to in front of your body, allowing the weights to spread the net into a circle. Think of it as sidearm casting with your arm as the fishing pole. As the net comes in front of your body, release the net from the moving hand, then from the holding hand, allowing the net to spin and travel away from you, pulling the coils of the main line as it travels toward the target (hopefully a bunch of shad). Supposing that the net formed a circle, allow it to sink for a couple of seconds to several seconds depending on size of weights, depth of shad. Then if the main line has not popped off of your wrist and disappeared with the net, you should grab the main line with the moving hand and pull forcefully, closing the net and the bottom and trapping the shad inside. Now retreive quickly, keeping tension on the main line. To dump the shad into your container, grab the slider and allow the weights to pull the slack out again. The shad will fall out of the bottom. Simple huh? Once you practice a few times, its just like breathing, don't even have to think about it. Hope that this is clearer than mud. Oh yeah, the key to getting the circle when you throw, is the speed of the movement from behind you, (a bigger net takes more time to get moving) and the moment of release.