Learning to cast a bait caster.(need help)

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by goingfishin, Jan 5, 2008.

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    OK, I went out and bought a catmaxx and am needing your opinion. When learning how th cast what type of line should I use. I am going to use braided in my tournaments but I dont know if I should learn to cast useing mono or braided:embarassed:. I have heard that they cast differant and braided is so much more expensive. Should I go out and buy some cheep mono for learning or is cheep line not good to learn with?
  2. kscathunter

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    yea cheep line should be ok to learn with. more weight will help the learning prosses. 3-4oz is a good place to start,enough weight to pull line off a little faster & keep it from over running as bad compaired to 1/2-1oz.:wink:

  3. psychomekanik

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    I agree with what brandon said. heavier weight is easir to control. I use enough brake on my reels just to eliminate endplay in the spool. but, when your learning, tighten the spool so you can hold the pole up high and your rig wont fall when released. then loosen the brake enough so your rig falls freely but the spool stops when it hits the ground. as you get used to casting it, you can loosen it up more. but, never loosen the spool so much that you have side to side endplay. you'll be launching that thing wherever you want it before you know it..
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    About all I can add to the good info already posted is this: don't try for distance at first. Just try to make a short cast without backlashing. Once you have that down, you can work on increasing the distance. Once you can make reasonably long casts with a heavy weight, you can use a lighter weight, reset the spool tension, and start over. Before you know it, you'll have an 'educated thumb'.
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    The important stuff has been said. I think I would use the line I'd be fishing with to learn tho.
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    This is exactly how I did it several years ago when I was learning, one thing to add about the line, if you do backlash it mono seems easier to pick knots out of it than the braid. Even the best will backlash one every now and then, just take your time and work your way up to were you feel comfortable to back the brakes off.
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    With a baitcaster you need to adjust the reel to the weight and bait you are using. For example: 2 oz lead and a large baitfish. Hold your rod up and put in freespool and let it down. Did it just drop to the ground and backlash or not move at all? What you want is for the reel to let it slide down to the ground and stop with no backlash when in freespool. To adjust this there is a knob on the right side of the reel. With enough practice youll be casting with no backlash at all. One other thing to consider is thumb control on the reel, makes a big difference. Hope this helps.