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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Mac-b, May 14, 2008.

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    I went fishing with Karl Emerson, Vice President of the Carolinas Catfish Club this morning and learned several things. First he showed me a shallow cove that I had never catfished, which I will fish on my next guide trip. In the course of fishing I picked up on several more things.

    Karl has designed a new type of slinky/snake weigh which is designed to break away when it hangs up. Looks like it will cost too much to market it.

    Karl uses foam material to make his corks for his Carolina Rigs, which we use drifting. He also makes his own planer boards, which are slightly larger than the ones you buy at your favorite bait store.

    When one of his drift rigs hangs up, which is seldon with his break away weigh, he commands his golden lab to fetch the planer board.

    See attached photo's which might depict what I have discussed. Mac
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    Mac, some things are good for individuals that aren't good for the majority. Thanks for posting. Ain't no such thing as a "golden lab" though. Yellow labrador retriever, or golden retriever. Is his a cross breed? I bet that'd be a great dog.

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    Those are some pictures.