Leap of Faith

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    Leap of Faith

    Have you ever had the sense that you should take your life in a certain, a different, direction? If so, was it a direction in which you weren't ready to go? What happens when we find ourselves in such predicaments?
    From my experience, when one asks for guidance, the answer sometimes comes in such a form making that person realize they can do nothing but what their soul wants.
    For instance: One may say, "God, I hate my job. Please help me to enjoy it more or give me something new." Soon after that, this person may be laid off, forcing them to seek new employment.
    They may become angry and scared, but if they think about it, they'll realize that they asked for this opportunity. Can it be scary? You bet ya. Is it worthwhile? You bet ya.
    How does one go about getting over the fear to make that leap? Total and complete trust that they will be caught, is the only way to avoid this kind of fear.
    That reminds me of something that helped me to see that we will be caught: About 7 years ago, when my daughter was 4, she and I were at the community pool one hot summer afternoon. I watched this scene unfold; as I watched it, I realized how it parallels our relationship to God.
    A father was standing in the shallow end of the pool coaxing his 4 year old daughter, who was standing on the edge, to jump in.
    "No daddy, I'm scared."
    "But Honey, I'll catch you. I promise."
    "I'm still scared. What if you miss."
    "I won't miss Honey. I'll catch you."
    "But daddy, it's really scary."
    "I know it's really scary but please trust me."
    And with that the little girl jumped. She landed right into his outstretched arms.
    "See, I told you I'd catch you."
    The little girl laughed and hugged her daddy. She truly had fun in jumping and wanted to do it again.
    Tears came to my eyes as I realized that the father was like God and the little girl us, so frightened and not very trusting. All along God knows that if we jump, we'll find that it really isn't all that scary. He will catch us, every time.
    In fact, the joy that we can get from jumping wipes out all memory of the fear we once had. We'll be saying, "Why was I so scared? That was so easy and it was fun!" And then we'll find that with every jump we make, the next becomes easier, to the point where we jump without even thinking.
    That, my friend, is complete trust. It starts with just a single jump.
    Wishing you all, happy jumping!

    The same thing happen to me after working my job for 28 years.The last 16 1/2 years as shop forman.I prayed the same prayer this man did but forgot about it until that day. I was called in to the office and told I did not have a job any longer.But the lord gave me a better jod than I had. I just have to work harder and more hours to make the same money.I would not have got to known brother Steve and his wife Debbie.Two of the greatest friends we have ever known.They are like brother and sister to us I thank God he heard my prayer for a jod change.

    { Ernest and Linds Parker }

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    You're right Ace. Great post.

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    Excellent post! & you were lucky to find 2 great friends along with the deal!
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    Another great post Ace, thanks alot brother.
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    Great post! I like to think that sometimes God answers prayer in mysterious ways. It's another case of "be careful what you ask for - you just might get it." And in the end, with God's guidance and help, you are better off than you were before.
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    just great posts

    keep em up brother


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    you dont even know how true that is for me right now. im an EMT/ fire fighter. I loved my job but hated where i worked. on june 13 I decided to quit with out any other job lined up. That afternoon I had landed 2 part time jobs that pay me more than I was making before. More opportunities keep arising for me almost daily. I also decided to go to paramedic school (which I have been putting off for years due to the cost). 3 of the potential jobs have offered to pay for the school, pay me to go to school and give me a job when im finished. The lord has blessed myself and my family. I never doubted him. sometimes its too hard to have faith. thanks for the story and the chance to tell mine.
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    Keep the awesome posts coming...