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    Clarksville, Tennessee
    Does anyone know of a way to seal the bottom of a jon boat. I have a 16ft. deep-v and get about 2-3 gallons of water in it after fishing sometimes more. Not sure where it comes in I found 2 places that does but they are very little leaks so there has to be somewhere I cannt see. A friend of mine said use rhino lining for truck beds on the the bottom and it should fix it. Any body tried that? Or anything that works?

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    hello Orrin ,I have used it ,the main thing is to sand it good an get it clean ,the best way is to have a shop spray it ,if you do it brush it in the seems good then role it on thick, its best to get it above the water line so it dont get under it :0a26::0a20:

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    Brace the bottom of the boat and shore up your trailer so it will hold the increased weight. Fill it full of water. Use a spray can and mark those rivets which leak. Siphon out the water, pound those rivets with a hammer and bucking bar. Then you can either fill it back up and do another test, or cover those areas with something like JB Weld, or a marine grade sealant.
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    I agree. The first step would be to try to tighten up the loose rivets. As far as sealent, I have heard a lot of good things about about a product called gluvit, made by marinetex. Some guys that I duck hunt with used it to seal the bottom of their boat and it worked great.
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    For a quick fix J.B Weld will work wonder's !

    If you no somebody that can weld aluminum, well that would be your best bet, but finding somebody that can weld aluminum might be a task.

    Don't just trust anyone welding aluminum !

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    Like Hawk33 said welding / brazing aluminum is not for beginners. I bought some of those HTS-2000 rods just to fill in a couple of screw holes in the rail and the bottom of my jon boat and only accomplished making a small screw hole large enough to stick my entire pinky finger in. Luckily I started at the rail first. :eek:oooh:

    JB-weld or IMHO even better is this 2 part epoxy putty called Fassteel found in either wally world or your local autoparts store. Be forwarned to only use as much as you need to do the job. This stuff gets rock hard and takes a nice little while to sand down to get a big blob of this stuff smoothed off, if you plan on repainting that area.

    The only down side of truck liner on the bottom of the boat is the added drag that it adds. I think west marine sells some type of paint type stuff just for sealing boat bottoms. I would think that just a couple of good coats of a nice marine grade paint would also go a long way towards sealing it up also.

    Persoanlly i would fix any leaky rivits with the 2 hammer method and then use some type of epxoy / jb-weld to fix any larger holes and the just repaint the whole bottom. That way you will know that you won't be having any more problems for a long time.