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    Another leak found. This one is evidently a seal on one of the lift pistons (if that's what you call em')

    The first pic will show the unit
    The second pic is the leaking (left) one.
    The third pic is the one that is not leaking

    The fluid has been washed away by the lake water from Saturday, but the clean one had been leaking. They both show a cracked surface. Probably should replace both seals.

    I understand it takes a special tool to do this. Where can I find it?

    Can I fix this myself?


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    Those are your trim pistons and yes you can fix them. Parts are a new cap and seal that you'll need to insert into the cap.

    The special tool is a spanner wrench that fits into those holes in the cap.

    Yamaha makes this tool with replaceable pins that fit the holes.

    The spanner wrench is adaptable to a 1/2" drive ratchet.

    It's a sorry tool for the saltwater application engines I've fixed. I belive it was a modified spanner wrench I used from Johnson/Evinrude. I modified it after breaking all the replaceable pins that Yamaha supplied.