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  1. Hoolygalulith

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    I would like to know if anyone has found the best length for leaders on a 3 way swivel?
  2. s_man

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    south east ohio
    Jeff, Why are you using 3 ways? If its because you are fishing fast rocky water then you just need to experiment with different leader lengths. If you are fishing lakes or slower river water ditch the 3 way and use a Carolina type slip rig. The only times you need a 3 way are fast current where you need the lighter dropper line to catch in the rocks in order to hold your bait in place untill a big blue or flat rips it out. Or when anchored in current and want to present the bait up off the bottom. Both cases need experimentation, this isn't science, its exploration.

  3. fishinjunky

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    i'm with s man on this one ditch the three way. especially if your fishing moving water more times than not even when you have a swivel on, your line will tangle all to hell. last year i ran 3 ways and went 8 inches with the weight and about 15 with the hook.
  4. Dadoftwo

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    Instead of using a 3 way, try a dropper loop with a barrel swivel below and lighter line for your weight.
  5. vlparrish

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    Jeff, I use the three way exclusively for all my catfishing. It works great for drifting or anchor fishing. I use about an 18 to 24 inch dropper for my sinker and a four to eight inch dropper for my hook. I don't use swivels, but tie my dropper loop in my main line with a triple overhand knot. Be sure to wet the knot before drawing it tight if you choose to go with this method. The reason I don't use swivels is because the three way will tangle much less with out them, go figure. I use 30 and 50 pound mono and this method works well. It seems that heavier line works better than the light line. Vern