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  1. tackleholic

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    New Albany
    Has anyone tried to use 20 gauge galvanized wire to make leaders with?
    Any ideals or suggestions?
  2. Flootie16

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    i personally dont even recomend useing a steel leader. what i do is take whatever line my pole is rigged with lets say....50 lb line. i will then make my leader out of 30 or 40 lb line. that way if i get hung up of what not i only break my hook off and save my hook. i dont find a purpose in a heavier leader because the fish can then just break ur line losing your whole rig. and a cat isnt going to bite through your line. so put the steel away. and just use other line.

  3. indycatman

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    Greenwood, Indi
    i never use a steel leader cause if the fish get gut hooked then hard to cut the steel leader and plus the fish will have the hook and steel in gut--:wink::wink: make your own here i use 50# mono line for leader plus cheaper
  4. BIG_D

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    Batchtown IL.

    i agree i just dont see the point in steel leaders for cats but i see them used a lot its just a extra exspens that you dont realy need
  5. whiteriverbigcats

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    Just use a a lighter grade line Lee.. That will work just fine
  6. kyleco55

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    i agree with the other guys, stay away from the steel leaders. i use power pro #65 for my mainline, and berkeley big game #50 mono for a leader
  7. fishassasin

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    yep steel is fine if your going after musky or shark or something with some nice chompers. i use the cheapest mono that walmart has to offer in the 50lb range ... its like $2 for a spool. that way im not afraid to waiste any of it. ive pulled anchors loose with that stuff. so its strong enough ... but i recommend buying a different spool each year.. stuff doesnt last long.
  8. SouthGADan

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    Lyons, GA
    I don't like wire leaders much because I think they scare the fish, and they're pricey if you lose them. I use a Carolina rig with a no. 3 barrel swivel joining my 50# test leader and 20# test line. My leader is snelled to the hook on one end, and tied to barrel on the other end. I use the palomar knot to attach both lines to the barrel swivel. If I lose rig, I have more leaders pre-tied, and the palomar is quick and easy to tie.

    Some folks also use a double line leader like in this thread: http://www.catfish1.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38771
    That way, if one breaks from abrasion, you have the strength from the other.
  9. Arkansascatman777

    Arkansascatman777 New Member

    Wire leaders are a waste of money for catfishing in my opinion, unless you are fishing with blood bait. Then a wire leader is used to push up through the blood cube and then attached to your main line with a swivel.

    As far as mono for leaders, when you are using mono for your main line the rule of thumb is to use equal to or greater lb. strength for your leaders. This is for abrasion resistance against rocks, logs, the fishes mouth etc... when you get snagged you will more times than not break off at the knot where it is tied to the leader. If you are not going to use equal to or greater lb. test for leaders then you are wasting your time using leaders to begin with in my opinion.

    If you are using one of the braided lines as your main line then the rules change a little. With the braids you need a lighter lb. test for a breaking point to keep from losing a lot of line everytime you get snagged. Also the braids are not very abrasion resistant so a mono or flourocarbon leader is needed.