Leader or No Leader for Flathead Catfish ?

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by PaJay-p, Sep 29, 2009.

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    Who uses a leader when fishing for Flatheads? Do you use a barrel swivel with a slip sinker above the leader? Or do you let the sinker slide down to the hook? On Braided line do you use a leader? Or do you just use braid clear to the hook? Just tossing out some thoughts I was having about what different people do.:confused2:
  2. Blacky

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    When it is very very very snaggy, I use no leader. Just a weight, bead, and hook.

    But when it's not snaggy, I usually use no more than 40lb leader. There are plenty of yahoos in PA that use like 60 to 80lb leader. The darn baitfish cannot even move!:crazy:

  3. lookin_4_moby

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    I always use a leader and I use the same pound test that I'm fishin with or heavier. I make my leaders anywhere from 5 to 12 inches depending on how much stucture i'm fishing and the size of my bait. the smaller the bait the longer the leader because they're not as likely to pull line through my carolina rig or sinker slider, also match the hook to the bait. mentioned in the post before me sayin the 80 pound leader holds the fish down. I don't think that's the case, it's probably that the hooks too big and the fish can't stay upright and swim
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    no matter how i do my weight, whether it be a Carolina rig or three way rig i always use a swivel and a leader. if you dont use a swivel of some kind, you are going to get A LOT of line twist and can loose some nice fish that way. A lot of guys will actually use a lighter weight leader so that they can break off the leader in a snag instead of their mainline. personally i do not, but what i will do is use much lighter weight line when running a three rig or a variation of it to the sinker so that i can break off the sinker and save the hook and swivels. i actually use 8lb test down to the sinker. JMT
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    I use a leader wit all catfishin, heavier main line wit sinker above the swivel and lighter line going to the hook. But I am starting to use the three way swivel a little more nowa days.
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    I opt for a carolina rig with swivel with bead and dependent on bait size I'll use an 18-24 in leader of a lesser test than the mainline. I also fish TOW 80# test braid and will use 30# Big Game for a leader. I use either sinker slides or no roll sinkers rigged to slide on mainline above the swivel, thus the bead. Stay safe and stick a pig!!!:wink:
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    Ask a thousand different fishermen, get a thousand different answers.
    I use a 3 way cause when i set the hook I want all the force going to the hook and not some of it lifting the sinker and all the slack that might be in there. I use a combination of different lb test lines(braids only) but as a rule my sinker line is considerably weaker and mono such as 12#. When using 65# main line (PowerPro) I will use 50# leader about 18 to 24 inches. I do this so when snagged up my sinker will give before anything else and the leader will break off before my main line will. When using 80# I use 65# leader... ya see what I mean. I do this up to 100# main and 80# leader when dam fishing and crank the drag as tight as it will go cause in heavy current I dont give'em an inch.


    I use a barrel swivel and a short leader below my sliding sinker.I like the leaders short-6 inches.The main reason I use em is cause it,s a lot easier to break off when I do get hung up.I use 80# braid and it,s tough to break off,I use 50 or 60# mono for the leaders,I guess I,ll have to go on Tan,s yahoo list.:roll_eyes::eek:oooh::crazy:.
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    80# braid for main line, uni-knot to 40# mono(about 4') for my leader with a sliding sinker down to a barrel swivel with a bead above and below my sinker(the barrel swivel keeps my sinker from goiing down to my hook) then from that barrel swivel about a foot of more 40# mono to my 8/0 gama circle hook. this setup does't allow my sinker to go down to my hook and with the bead doesn't allow the sinker to slide up my braid cause the bead stops it at the uni knot, i hook my sinkers to a sinker slide or just use a snap swivel for a sinker slide. if i get a snag the only thing i lose is my hook and not my whole rig, i'll also use a bread tie to put my sinker on my sliding swivel in case my sinker snags and the bread tie will break away so i don't lose the rest of that rig as well
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    i always use a leader. for live bait, i use a carolina rig, for cut bait, i use a carolina rig or a 3 way rig. Just depends. i use 65 lb braid main line and a 40-50 lb mono leader and for the 3 way, i use the same set up with a 20 lb weight leader.
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    I always use a leader. always use the same LB test as my main line. sometime it will save you a sinker swivel and bead if the hook gets hung up.:wink:
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    I always use a leader with a barrel swivel. Cats love to turn and spin in the water and with no swivel you end up with some tangled line.
  14. flathunter

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    I use 25-30lb mono for a mainline and leader...leader is short about 8 inches...also a barrel swivel, I dont use beads, never seen the need in them, lead is soft and does not damage my line.