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    I see small spools of leader line, is it any different than the main line?

    For instance is a spool of berkly big game leader line, different than a regular spool of berkly big game?

    If there is no difference it cost alot more per yd to buy/
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    For how you are fishing Jack, using a Fluorocarbon Fishing Leader would be a waste of money.

    Fluorocarbon's biggest selling point is its low visibility due to its refractive index.

    Fluorocarbon contains more material than mono has a harder finish and is non-porus.

    Clear water fishing or when fishing for wary fish is the big marketing selling points.

    The abrasion-resistance you get on the + end doesn't match the dollar lost on the - end when you can up your poundage for the leader.

    But there is a difference on how it is produced, and the materials used in the process.

    We gave away tons of Suffix Leader when they were a sponsor.

    Guys liked it allot.

    Did a video for this on Catfish Syndicate.
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    Hmm, that is interesting to know Paul. Thanks Jack for the leader question