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I have an Eagle LCR called the Ultra II. I bought it in the middle 1990s. I takes the gray
connectors for power and transducer. I really liked this unit and I have seen it do some
amasing things like showing an old underwater railroad bed with the crossties.
I was at a resturant and someone cut my transducer cable with a pocket knife. The
depth finder was removed and in my truck locked up. I couldn't buy a new cable at
the time so I put it up. Like a lot of things I put up, it got moved and stayed lost for
about 5 years . Well I found it not long ago in the top of a closet.
I can't garauntee that it will work as I have no way to test it.
I would like to give it to someone that could use it. Someone that has the gray Eagle
connectors already on their boat. I would hate for someone to go to the expense of
buying a transducer and power cable and then it not work.
I am not so naive that don't know I could probably sell it. But I will not offer anything
for sale to anyone I could not garauntee. I had rather give it to someone that needs it.
I am offering it to someone for their own use and not for resale.
If anyone is interested and willing to pay the shipping , send me a PM.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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