Lay Lake

Discussion in 'LOCAL ALABAMA TALK' started by rudy81, May 28, 2008.

  1. rudy81

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    I will soon be going down for the first time to my families new lake house on lay lake..... I was wondering how the cat fishing was there. I read a ton of stuff about the b@$$ there and all that good stuff but i really want to catch a couple big nasty kitties while i am down there. it has been a while since i had a big southern cat on the line..... Any insight you guys could give me would be most helpful. I believe the new place is near goat island..... if that helps. I have no idea about any of the lake other than what i have read.
  2. williambevels

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    lay lakes good and has plenty of big flat heads and blues.from my past i have found that the flat heads love the large live blue giles.the blues likes large fresh cut bait.they prefer night time but i have done well in the day.

    you can only have your creel limit of blue gile and thats 50 even if you use them for bait.