Launching and loading a pontoon boat?

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by daniel-delarosa, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. daniel-delarosa

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    seminole, oklahoma
    Is it very difficult to launch and load a pontoon boat?
  2. BIGCAT GarryEads

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    Francisco Ind
    No, it's not, I have one it is a 20'er.

    BIGCAT GarryEads:wink:

  3. Bubbakat

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    As Garry said it ain't that big of a problem. I have a 24 footer and I had some trouble with launching it and finally figured out I wasn't putting the trailer deep enough. On retrieving it I just added some guides and that thing practically loads itself now.
  4. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    The guides sound like a great idea. Launching is no problem, but every time I've loaded one, I've had to have one or two people waist deep in the water guiding the thing because there was a little wind. Of course, the metal top acted as a sail so that the wind affected it more than one with no top sticking up.
  5. willcat

    willcat New Member

    i agree, i have a 21fter & w/guides it loads itself practically they are worth the money!!!!
  6. martygreen

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    Rock Hill,S.C.
    I have a 21ft pontoon,it is no problem at all to load if there is no wind,know if you have wind that can be a different beast,i always try to load on a ramp away from the wind and let the dock kinda block the wind,it helps some,also when loading i try to go in when there is not a whole lot of boats trying to get in at one time,that way the water is not as choppy and you can drive it on better.The steepness of the ramp also plays a big part,if you have a steep ramp,it is no problem at all yo unload,but getting it back on can be tough because the front will run up under the bump pad or the back end will still be off of the bunks with the front touching,any current or wind and the back end will float around to one side on you,i'm no expert loading one by any means but i do ok,just a few things to keep in mind,the guides is the way to go,i keep saying i am gonna put them on my trailor but havent yet,my brother has them on his boat trailor and it does make a difference especially in windy conditions