Late Winter / Spring Fling.....

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    My wife and I are thinking of taking a road trip in the next few months and need some suggestions. We are looking for somewhere we can pull our boat and catch a bunch of fish (any kind). For example, I see where folks go to Florida and load up on bream. We've got a 20' jon boat, a super cab truck, and another couple that will go with us. What we need is an affordable fishcamp, a little sunshine, and something that'll tear up some live bait. We kind of favor rivers and swampy timber/plant filled areas over more open spaces though. We live less than 5 miles from the upper end of Lake Marion so we're kind of hunting a little home away from home. Any suggestions? It would be nice to stay within a 6-8hr drive so that we could leave on a Thursday evening and get in a couple of days fishing without having to kill ourselves getting back by a decent hour on Sunday.... little help here?