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    I'm thinking of making a trip to visit a friend in the Flint area some time in late September and would be very much appreciative of any suggestions for fishing that area at that time.

    Flint is actually optional, we're going there to spend some time together so anywhere between Sarnia, Ontario and Lansing, Michigan is perfect. Out of the big touristy areas would be preferable so as to get cheap hotels. :)

    I fish from a kayak so tough to navigate areas are easy. Easy fishing is easy too though. Whatever. I'm not even particularly picky about species although I've been big on cats for quite some time. I'd just like to catch some big fish in a new area.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas you might have to share. Even vague suggestions work for me if you are uneasy about giving detailed info. :)

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    I'm not sure on details where you could put out your kayak (I am sure there is public access), but the Kawkawlin River in Bay City is small, doesn't have a lot of current where I fished, and the catfishing for the 20-24" channels was fantastic. There were a couple of kayaks and pontoons that went through but did not disturb my fishing. There is a State Park nearby but not on the river.

    Otherwise, I don't know much about that side of the state. Hope this suggestion is helpful.

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    I think I'm going to have a nightmare thinking of hooking a big flathead whilst in a kayak! LOL! I'd love to see a kayak done up for flatheads. DownEast rod holders all around the seat, bait box floating along side you, rods as long as your boat, having to paddle upstream with a 40lb biggin. LOL, im too old for that! But a fun picture either way! Oh yeah i forgot about the need to anchor, maybe I could just use my sinkers while in a kayak! :smile2:

    I used to have decent luck in the Black River in the Port Huron area, across the pond from Sarnia.
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