Late fall/ winter river catfish bite

Discussion in 'MINNESOTA RIVERS TALK' started by Goldenshinner, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Goldenshinner

    Goldenshinner New Member

    hey any of you guys want to disscuss winter catfishing on the river. im interested.i fish the river sometimes in jan-april. especialy if the weather warms it up enough that I can chisel the launch open. I had the cops show up once. I wansnt breaking any laws though.

    at any rate I have herd about people pulling up realy big cats during ice up. any suggestions.
  2. The J-Man!

    The J-Man! New Member

    St.Paul, MN
    I've never tried catfishing in the winter. I know channels will bite, but I have not heard of flatheads biting in the winter. I would be curious to know from any Twin Citians if they winter catfish near the cities anywhere?