Lastweekend of the season in the SC lowcountry

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    My Brother, his 6 year old daughter Rachel, her new chocolate lab puppy Gus,my lab Terra, and myself made the trip to the SC lowcountry for a little hunting this past weekend. We pulled out at 9 o'clock PM Wednesday night and drove to Jamestown, SC. I'm happy to say we had no incident with the local law enforcement. It's a good thing because I don't think they ever did get that ticket worked out from last April. We basically pilled in the house, turned on the heat, aand went to bed fro a couple hours before Thursady mornings hunt. Back up at 4 to meet my cousin Brian at 5 in Lambert Town. We hunted a little lake and had a great wood duck hunt. After the hunt we headed up to Harry's Landing on Lake Marion to pick up my brother's lost pocket knife (very special yellow handle Case XX) and check out the fishing situation. The wind was howling and there was no way to get out to where we wanted to fish in his 18 ft War Eagle. We bought a little bait and went down to Short Stay. We fished for about 30 minutes but the wind was getting worse and we didn't want our boat to become structure so we called it and went back to the house. We rode down to the Santee River to watch the ducks fly to roost. Man it was low. I saw a flathead in the main channel with deer ticks on his back. After a couple barley pops, sleep came very easy.
    Friday morning we were up again at 4 to meet at the Pole Yard by 5. My Brian's boat cranked then instantly died and never fired again. So we towed him down to the first big curve and parked him on the hill. We took his GPS and went back in a creek in the delta that he had marked. we really didn't know where we where going so we were running pretty slow when a Hightide with a 90 yamaha and a grass blind passed us on the outside. We decided that the creek must be deep enough so we motored on. We found the spot but there were other hunters kind of close on the left and the point was about 100 yards to the right. We had seen the Hightide round the curve. By now the time to shoot was on us so we scrambled to get Rachel comfortable in her sleeping bag in the bottom of the boat and get the camo burlap on the parts that had to be covered. It's 25 degrees and the wind is cranking about 25+ mph. 5 minutes before legal time and ducks are flying all around us. A pintail came so close I thought he was going to hit me with his wing. This is going to be good! Then 6:50 came and they quite flying over us. we didn't fire a shot for 30 minutes. Then we started shooting at a few that were a little far off. Hey you've come this far you might as well shoot, but we did make sure not to interfere with birds headed to our neighbors on the left. The Hightide came back by us on his way out. I figured he must be headed to work. All the ducks were flying with there backs to the wind. We killed a few but the wind blew them so far into the sea oats my young dog couldn't find them. She's not used to 12 foot high grass anyway. Frankly neither am I. About 9AM the flocks of teal started flying over. That was cool. There were 250 -300 in a swarm coming over us. I hit one and the wind sailed it way out to some guys who were picking up the birds they killed. I here a voice through the grass that was a perfect rendition of the assistant coach in Waterboy mummble out "ah, dotcha bud righ heeah. weya yah et?" I said "I'm over here, I'll be right there." I start over there and he's trying to call his dog in. By the time I get to him his dog is on the other side of a little muddy ditch and he's eating my bird while this fellow cusses him and screams at him to "heal blue, ew SomaBLEEP!!!" Old blue was eating as fast as he could and by the time this guy gets it from him there wasn't anything left but the wings, butt, and feet. I felt sorry for blue because he got flogged heavily. We had a good shoot there in the salt water delta but didn't get a single bird to the boat we could eat. Around 10 we picked up and headed back to get my cousin, Brian, who was still stranded on the hill. He had a bluewing teal in his boat.
    We left the Pole Yard and got a sausage dog in McClellanville and called my cousin Micheal to see were he wanted to hunt Saturday. He talked us into camping at there deer club on the Black River near Kingstree, SC. We went to the grocery store and picked up the stuff for hamburgers that night, found some more steel shot shells, and went to Kingstree. We arrived at camp about dark but nobody was in camp. I built a fire and my brother started on the burgers. Low and behold that same Hightide comes pulling up the hill with Micheal and his dad riding in the boat. They introduce me to this fellow, John Turner, and he says "didn't y'all hunt the salt this morning." I said yeah and he smiles and says, "man, I couldn't believe y'all set up on me that way" :eek:oooh:. I told him what had happened, that we didn't know where we were at or where we were going, only that we had a GPS unit and instructions to "HUNT RIGHT HERE" and we thought he went on up the creek. We said no he was just puting out his decoys around the corner and we set up on top of him :embarassed:. I apologized but he was real cool about it. He said nothing was flying over him so he moved and ended up limiting out on the teal, so it worked out for the best anyway. We went on to tell me about the guys who's dog ate my bird. He said they are riverrats and outlaws. They are there everymorning and every afternoon. They get out on the dikes were your not supposed to be and kill way over there limits. And somehow they they are getting there boats in the water without going to the landings because you never see them there and they avoid the wardens that way. I don't know about the outlaw part but if a man can hunt every morning and every evening, it makes you wonder what kind of job lets him pull that off.
    I wish I could tell you we burned them up hunting the flooded timber around the Black River but it just wasn't very good. The birds weren't there like in years past or even earlier this year. There is a beaverdam that we held off hunting all January to hunt it the last morning of the season. It is a very ducky spot but they just didn't fly in there like we had thought they would. We still had a good time but in hind sight I wish we'd have hunted somewere else Saturday and Sunday. We did eat well and made a new friend in John Turner so the weekend wasn't a complete bust. I was worried to death about Rachel but she did extremely well. We did all we could to keep her comfortable and she hung in like a champ. I just can't wait until mine are old enough to go too. Until next year... come on September Teal season.