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    As some of you know, I went to the James River on March 17, 2008 to fish with Capt. Hugh's. He made a statement to me in conversation and it has stuck with me and I hope it will stick with you as long as you fish for catfish.

    I ask him if he catfished the year round and he said nope, I DON'T FISH WHEN THE CATFISH ARE SPAWNING.

    With his knowledge of the James River, it would be easy pickings for him to fish during the spawning period and he could probably put up some good weights and make a bunch of money, but he appears to me, to be a man of principles.

    There are a lot of lakes, reserviors and rivers where the cats go upriver or upstream to spawn leaving the catfishermen/women areas (lower end of the forementioned waters) to fish for nonspawning cats, mostly in the 1.5 to 15 pound range. Thereby, not disturbing the spawning fish.

    What more can I say, except, thank you Capt. Hugh's.
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    he has a very good point :big_smile: