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    I finally got out fishing last Sat. I broke a brail line on my throw net, caught very little bait, and didn't catch any catfish, but it was still a great day out on the water. Strange thing happened that was a first for me. We were fishing below Windfield dam (quite a ways below the dam) and a field of broken up ice came down the river. It was about the size of a football field and passed right through/around my boat. My buddy said, " Hey, look at that" I looked back and it had lifted all of our lines and the sinkers and bait were skipping across the ice! I watched for a little while, then returned to watching for big pieces of ice with my knife at hand ready to cut the anchor line. Water temp was 33.5 degrees:crazy:
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    Glad you enjoyed your first trip on the big river, but I will give you this piece of advise......Get used to what you just described cause it happens to all of us.:wink: Well not the ice part, but the part about tearing up your throw net, having trouble finding bait, and not catching any fish

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    watch the ice ,pretty dangerous!