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  1. Poppa

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    Pinson, Al
    I am going to retire in four years and am wanting to buy my last boat.
    I have a Lowe Big Jon 1648 that is 20 years old and its been a great boat.
    I get tired of stepping over that middle seat and having to unload everything
    when I get home. I want a boat with storage and room. I am looking at
    jon boats made by Lowe, Lund, Sea Ark, and War Eagle in the 18 to 20
    foot lengths. I have decided on a 90 h.p. 4 stroke outboard. I am torn
    between Mercury, Honda, Evinrude, and Yamaha. My question to my BOC
    brothers is if you were going to buy an outboard tomorrow what brand
    would it be and why. I really value your opinions. Thank you Poppa
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    DANZIG New Member

    West Virginia
    Can't really help you on the Motor but I can relate the end of the boat fishing careers of a couple older(75+) Gentlemen I know.

    What got these guys was a bad leg, and general physical instability, respectively.
    It came down to not being able to get into, out of, and move around in , the boat with any confidence.

    Something to consider if you are looking for a "last boat".

  3. puddle jumper

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    Hey Poppa,
    Might want to add Triton to you list they make a great Jon boat, Ive got a 17' and love it lots of storage well made boat, It has a merc on it but for my money if I wear this one out it will have a Yamaha on it they a very well made motor, My buddy " Cathooker on here " has one and I want it everytime we fish together, it is starts great and runs better..:wink:
    My ,02

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  4. Pip

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    I'm a big guy with bad knees, I upgraded to the 2072 seaark last year. The reason for the bigger boat was being able to get 2 to 4 people in it reasonably comfortable, being able to stand up and move around freely without feeling like I was going to fall out of the boat, With bum knees sitting in one spot for hours not being able to stretch is a killer. With 28" sides the there is a feeling of being secure in the boat without falling out if I lost my footing. The 2072 is a nice size, not too big not too small but will have a decent amount of room and security for moving around in no matter what manufacturer you decide on. I think seaark would have to be in the running for consideration also along the others. Personally, no regrets going with the SeaArk here.

    I have a yamaha on mine and really have had no problems with it so far, but it is still new. When I bought it, it was a tossup if I wanted a yamaha Suzuki or Evinrude. I think that is pretty much going to be a personal preference on your part what you decide. Motors nowadays seem to be for the most part reliable with decent support from the manufacturers. 20 years down the road? Thats still yet to be determined for as longevity.
  5. oh no

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    Poppa, I would go with the motor you got the best deal on,,,, You would love a 1960 Roughneck with a center console,,, that's what I have with a 90 Merc,,2 cycle,,,, price was the main factor in 1999 when I bought mine,,,5000 dollars out of a New York/Long Island marina...

    On the 4 stroke motors,,, man they are quiet,,, everyone I have seen or heard are great,,,, so price would be the deciding factor to me

    Of course I am cheap/frugal,,,

    The 2 cycles are still the cheapest way to go I think

    I have pics of my boat is my pic section,,,I have it all Red Necked up,,, I love it,, it's real stable,,, great for jugging, diving,,,peeing off the side,,,recovering bodies,,,, what ever,,, it even works for fishing.

    In 1999 I did not look at Johnson/Evinrude because they were in Bankruptcy,,, Iwas scared of not getting parts,,,, Honda's were way to high priced [ still are] , so that left Mercs... the biggest 4 cycle they made in 1999 was a 50 hp, and I wanted a 50 mph boat, so I went with the 90 2 cycle.
  6. screamnreels

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    Halifax county
    Popa, I run a yamaha 4 stroke on the boat I have now and wouldn't change a thing, the power, fuel milage, reliability, just can't be beat in my book. Now with all that said I will be getting a new boat In the near future and It will be powered by a suzuki 4 stroke, I seem to like them better than the yamaha.


    Alma Kansas

    I have seen the bigger MV's that they offer while I was in Clinton over the 4th of July. Man those are really nice, but as for a motor everyone has there opinion so heres mine. I myself I would go honda evin. suz. 4stroke.
    But the new to me boat that I get this spring comes with a 115 2stroke Merc. But some day I will beable to pick what I want.
  8. seaark ryan

    seaark ryan New Member

    I have a merc. optimax and love it! My 2nd chioce would be a Suzuki 4 stk. and on a Seaark with a 15 deg hull.
  9. Cutbait101

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    south carolina
  10. Jacksmooth

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    West Virginia
    Poppa my buddy Mike just bought a suzuki 150hp 4 stroke last year. That thing is smooth. Starts right up and runs very quiet. I dont think the fuel mileage is that bad on it. He has it on a 21ft Sea Pro and it pushes it very well.