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I've had much better luck using a dip net with wire mesh instead of white fabric netting. I had one that collapsed like a fish basket, but after 25 years or so, it finally rusted away; I replaced the wire mesh with 1/2" hardware cloth. It works as well, but doesn't collapse, so storage is more of a problem. But it was a matter of a couple of bucks for the hardware cloth, or over $35 for a new wire mesh net. I use mine for dipping shad that are running in current alongside concrete walls. For open water, I'd give serious thought to a large (8'-10') diameter net with as large a mesh as possible for the size shad you're after; also, I'd get a quality net with additional lead. The larger mesh and extra lead will cause the net to sink faster, giving the shad less time to escape.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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