Landing Net?

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  1. Katfishing Cajun

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    I need some help? I'm trying to find a good catfishing landing net, can't seem to find any good ones around the house. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    Look for one big enough to hold a 10-year old boy. Avoid anything that looks like it might fail under hard use---it probably will. Don't expect any net to hold up to lifting a big fish with the net in the same position as when you netted the fish. Instead, once the fish is in the net, point the handle straight up; if necessary, one person can grab the rim of the net close to where it joins the handle on each side of the handle, so that two people are lifting the fish.

  3. bumper

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    What Jtrew said below is pretty much right on, don't try to lift a big fish in with the handle, or the hoop will bend or break(have 2 people grab the hoop and pull up). All the big catalogs and websites have big nets(Catfish Connection, Cabelas, and Bass Pro). Hope this helps, good luck.