Landau 16' --> what's it worth?

Discussion in 'Boating' started by Iowa_Josh, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Iowa_Josh

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    Central Iowa
    I just looked at a 90's 1648 landau coast guard front boat. No motor, just a trailer. It's been sitting in a backyard for years. Trailer wiring is shot. I think it's a model# 1670, two bench seat, .073 rivited boat. It isn't bent up or dented.

    It really isn't ready for water. No Coast Guard numbers on it, no trailer lights, tires that haven't moved in years, etc. Was Landau ok or junky?

    I'm looking for something less tippy than my 50" wide alumacraft. I filled in the space in front of the foremost bench seat and I can only stand there carefully. Crawling up to pull up anchor is a carnival ride. It's ok as long as I'm sitting but I can't sit still forever. Is the boat above enough boat to get what I want? Should I find the older style jon with more vertical sides? The biggest lake near me is 5,900 acres but not that wide. I like to be on the river but it isn't really boatable here all year. The lake is why I thought the V front would be cool but steer me in the right direction. J
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    warrenton misso
    sounds to me like a $400 - $500 set up,, IF the titles are all good and clear

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    i agree $400 or so tops if it has a title. if it doesnt have a title i dont give the boat a second glance. it isnt worth the trouble. i actually found a semi v with trailer and 4 horse motor for $450 that i bought in the spring. so if you look around you can find deals like that. if your really looking for some deals i say check craigslist every single night... good luck on whatever your decision is though
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    i had a landau just like that, was a decent boat, really flew with a 25 johnson but i just hated that bench in the middle, kinda miss it cause it rode on top the water so good mine was 88, i beleive, got a deal 1000 boat, trailer, ele start motor,used it 1 yr sold it 4 1500.