Lake Wylie Update 3.26.07

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    Mudkip and myself did some fishing on Wylie this weekend.

    Conditions on the lake are much better than a week ago. The water is clear and the water temps are in the mid 60's on the main lake and the mid 70's on the South Fork arm.

    The warmer air temps also mean more boaters, so if you plan to fish I would suggest early on the weekends or during the week. There are lots of new boaters out too, and that means lots of folks running pontoons with the "headlights" on and folks not running with any lights on. Mudkip and myself came upon a pontoon in the middle of the lake with no lights on at 12:45am Saturday morning.

    As for the fishing, the overall bite is ok. The fish are not going nuts, and the areas of catches are limited, but some decent fish can be caught. The continued warming of the waters should help to speed up the metabolism and make the bite better as the fish feed up to spawn.

    Right now there is no specific bait of choice or method of fishing that is better than the other. We caught fish on every cut bait available. In the tournament we anchored and caught fish, but the night before I drifted and caught fish. Both methods were equally productive.