Lake Wylie summary for August 19 , 2009

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    Traveled to Copperhead Island to try my luck . Started in a cove , got 'skunked' and continued around the island. At 10:00 A.M. EST , returned to the cove , muttering to myself about the surprise I had in store for the 'resident' catfish. So I got some size 4 circles , put a size 10 gob of liver on the hook , and cast it out. Within 10 minutes , the rod arcs. Recalling what Mac told me on Norman , I picked it up and began reeling it in!! It was a 3 pound channel and the only one I caught , but for the overall experience , I'll take them anyday. As a result , I'm retiring my trebles - going to BPS and stocking up on as many circles between 4 and 8 as possible!!!! Ended up departing at 10:39 A.M. EST. Water temp was about 85 degrees and wind from the south at about 25 MPH!!