Lake Wylie, SC 6.30.06

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    I got out for a few hours on the the 28th with my daughter and her boyfriend. We only had a limited time in the afternoon, so we caught some bait and then caught 4 cats drifting on the South Fork. All were 3-4 pounds.

    The 29th my daughter and I went out on the lower lake and fished from 6:00pm-9:00pm. We caught four channels in the 3-4 pound range. We spent more time talking a joking than fishing seriously, so it was fun.

    The 30th allowed me to fish hard in the morning from sunrise until around noon, and again that evening from 8:00pm-3:00am. The morning was productive by late morning. I started out in some creeks at dayligt and
    fished until around 7:30 catching only one fish. Very slow bite there.

    I then fished another creek and caught a few fish in the 4-5 pound range. After that I moved to the shallows and humps near the main lake and got onto the fish from 10:00am-11:00am. I ened up with 19 fish that morning and 12 of them were caught from 10:00am unitl 11:30am.

    That evening I went out with a friend and did a little drifting til dark at the same place I fished earlier, and then we anchored up shallow after dark at several shallow points along that same bank. The bite was very slow. One place produced 4 fish in about an
    hour, but most places were 1-2 fish. We ended the night with 10 cats.

    Over all total for the three trips was 37 cats, all channels. Water has been around 85 and clear on the lower lake, but with a lot of debris from the recent rains.
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    Pat Chaney
    That's still a good number of fish!!! Are you going to spots where you are marking fish on your depth finder, or spots that have produced for you in the past?

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    Glad you caught something, that beats fishing without boating anything in this heat. I'll be bass fishing Wylie Wednesday morning early with a retired Air Force Colonel.