Lake Wylie Report 8.30.08 - 9.6.08

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    Overall Bite: GOOD

    Lake Wylie remains stained this week and has not regained its green color yet. Water temps in the rivers have been around 81-83 degrees and the main lake is around 85. The South Fork River is around 88-90.

    The bite has been good drifting in the middle of the day. Middle level depths of 12-18 feet seem to produce more fish at these times. The sunrise bite has just not produced this week. Night trips have been good, but somewhat sporadic, with moments of success followed by hours of boredom.

    Preferred baits include bream, white perch, and threadfin shad. Smaller pieces seem to produce a more consistent bite right now on Wylie.

    Anchoring seems to attract a lot of turtles for some reason. You will notice nibbles on your bait and upon retrieval the baits have been chewed on. Another issue right now with anchoring are bites from gar. If you notice your line swimming off without a violent strike followed by no hook-up, chances are your bait has been snatched up by a gar.

    Remember too that days are getting shorter. Sunrise is coming later and sunset is coming sooner, so keep this in mind when planning your day. Also, Labor Day I encountered some goose hunters at the ramp in the pre dawn hours, so be aware that they are out on the water and you are NOT be shot at!
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    Great report!:wink: Glad ya out and about and Spank'n some cats. Hope ya get some good ones at Santee.:wink:

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    Always a pleasure to read your reports, Dieter! See you at the Santee Thursday!
    BB in SC
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    Dieter could we get such a report from you on santee for this coming weekend:smile2:, it would be much appreciated.