Lake Wylie Report 8.3.08 - 8.9.08

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    Overall Bite: GOOD

    Water temps on Lake Wylie range from 83-85 up in the rivers to 88-90 on the main lake during the day and the South Fork River remains 95-97. The water has remained clear this week with little rain flowing into the lakes from creeks.

    Drifting has been producing the most fish in depths of 12-18 feet. Cuts baits are producing the best fish and the traditional favorites like bream and threadfin shad are working well. Threadfin shad can be found easily now on top of the water in the creeks at dawn and dusk.

    Drifting speeds are a little less critical now in the warmer water, so you don’t have to keep it to a crawl. Ideally, most experienced drifters like to move at less than .30mph when seeking out trophy fish, but if you are looking for numbers .50-.75 will produce fish in these warmer waters.

    Fish can be caught just about anywhere on the lake right now. Depending on the time of day the bite can be good on main lakes flats and bad in the creeks, or vice versa, so don’t lock yourself into one area if the fish are not biting.

    The South Fork River is extremely hot, and finding fish there is tough. Water temps below the hot water discharge are 95-97 degrees and the around the canal itself it can easily top 100 degrees.

    Overall the bite is good, and much better than a couple of weeks ago. A good trip drifting will produce 20-25 fish and you can expect 8-10 fish anchoring.

    If you are fishing the lower lake on the weekends make sure your boat and licenses are in order. The last two weeks we have had catfish tournaments on the lower lake and many of the anglers have been checked, with some being checked every weekend.