Lake Wylie Report 8.10.08 - 8.16.08

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  1. WylieCat

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    Overall Bite: GOOD
    A bright moon has made the windows for fishing fairly narrow on Lake Wylie this week, but good fish can be caught if you are persistent and spend the time on the water. The middle of the day was best this week, and extremely late at night the bite picked back up.

    Water temps on Lake Wylie dropped some this week with the cooler daytime temperatures. Up river temps ranged from 79-82 to 85-88 on the main lake during the day. The South Fork River dropped slightly to between 93-95.

    Drifting has been producing fish in depths of 16-20 feet again this week. Bream seems to be the best bait by far right now. The night time anchor bite has its moments, but be prepared for long periods without fish.

    Stringers of 15-20 can be expected drifting and 5-8 fish anchoring.
  2. billfish76

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    Rock Hill, SC
    Both methods seem to be providing a few good fish here and there also. Bream definatly has been the bait of choice.

  3. wylie catter

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    A guy told me that the bigger bream were on the bed on shallow humps and biting REAL good. Fishing the bottom with worms. I ain't seen it but he said you could easily fill up a cooler with big bream right now.