Lake Wylie Report 7.12.09 - 7.18.09

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    Overall Bite: GOOD

    Lake Wylie Report 7.12.09 - 7.18.09
    Lake Wylie has stayed at or near its target elevation all week. Duke Energy has scheduled water releases that have been running from around 10:00am-4:00pm, and this has created some current. The inflow from Mt. Island Lake has not been taking place with any regularity.

    Water temps range from 80 in the rivers to 85-86 on the main lake, and 90-92in the South Fork River around the hot hole discharge.

    I noticed more and more males being caught this week compared to previous outings. Hopefully this is a sign that the spawn is slowly drawing to a close. Most look very thin and beaten up pretty good.

    Drifting has worked much better than anchoring. The fish seem to be in pockets, and if you park on top of them anchoring can be productive, but drifting allows you to cover water much more effectively. Fish can still be caught anchoring, but you are looking at catching 1/4 the number you would drifting right now.

    Any cut bait seems to work well. Small pieces also seem to be the way to go. I fished pieces the size of my thumb and they never got touched, but the pieces the size of my thumb nail were hot repeatedly. The big fish will still hit the big baits, but you can to expect to not catch many fish with that presentation.

    Drift speed is a lot less critical now. Speeds from .50-.75 will easily produce fish. Yesterday I had a gust of wind get my boat up to .92 and I hooked an eight pound channel cat when I was going that fast!! Obviously I would not suggest traveling this fast all the time, but the warmer water temps have the fish much more active.
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    Thanks for the report Dieter.

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    Appreciate the report, and nice channel cat.
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