Lake Wylie Report 6.1.08 - 6.7.08

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    Overall bite; GOOD.

    Oh what a difference a week makes. :cool2:

    The last two weeks on Lake Wylie have been phenomenal. Even the beginning of this week saw a tremendous bite, with catches of 30-35 common. Unseasonable hot temperatures rolled in though, and air temperatures climbed to near 100, and this pushed the water temps into a range that we don’t generally see until mid to late July. :eek:oooh:

    By Saturday water temperatures on the lower lake were 87-90 degrees depending on whether you were near the main channel or in the back of a cove. The South Fork River was an amazing 97-98 degrees, and the canal area itself was probably around 100 degrees. The shallower areas in the backs of the coves are about 3-4 degrees warmer than the main channel right now.

    Billfish76 and I fished a couple of nights this week to escape the heat and found the bite had fallen of greatly. Catches of 8-12 fish were about all that could be mustered from drifting and anchoring in both deep and shallow water. While you would expect to find fish in deeper water in this heat, the sonar was amazingly bare while in deep water. So bare in fact that I turned it off and back on once to make sure it was working! :smile2:

    The fish are there, and they can be caught, it will just take a little luck, patience, persistance, and some tolerance for the heat. :wink:
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    Thanks for the report! Sounds like a great trip!

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    Pat Chaney
    If it's already this hot and it's only the beginning of June, what's it gonna be like in July/Aug :crazy: (They got any cats in Alaska? Maybe I'll go there to escape the heat)
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    That heat's about unbearable if the winds not blowing.

    I'll probably only night fish pretty much all summer. It's time to head up to the sandbar and go swimming.:big_smile:

    We may have a repeat of last years lake levels coming, so we better go while we can.:wink:
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    Nice report Brother--that's why they call it fishing:big_smile:
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    Good report.....

    I tell ya....its been hot alright. I normally like a breeze but man its like a hair dryer blowin on ya out there. We have had 87f up creeks and 80 on the mains here, depending how shallow/deep ya go I guess. And the same goes here, we only pulled in 7 casts last night but but tried the Striper thing first ( even worse catches )....

    I hope you folks tracked your fishing last year with the low water...cause its gonna happen again ; )~ already is......

    Good luck out there guys...get er done !!


    Thanks for the report.