Lake Wylie Report 4.30.07

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    I went out today in search of white perch that I could freeze for catfish bait later this year.

    Since I have not fished for them lately I gave LakeNormanBlues a call to see where they were on Norman. He said they were 16-18 there, and I knew I had caught some while catching bream really shallow earlier this month, so I decided to focus between 18 feet and the bank!! The water was 76-78 degrees.

    It took a while but I finally got on some. They were a lot shallower than I am used to catching them. They were in a narrow depth range of 7-9 feet in areas near deep drop-offs. Once I had a place where I hooked 2-3 at a time I threw out a buoy and started circling.

    I was using minnows as locator baits, but once I found them I was able to catch them on redworms and small pieces of cut bait.

    When all was said and done I had 24 in the boat and they made it to vacuum sealed freezer bags for later in the year. Tomorrow my daughter wants to go, so I will take her out with me and let her do the work while I bait the hooks and drive the boat!!

    I attached a pic of the little creatures!!

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    Thanks, neat picture and good report.

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    Oh Yeah! Lots of bait. Way to go Dieter!