Lake Wylie Report 4.20.08 - 4.26.08

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    Water temperatures this week climbed into the lower 70's on much of the lake, and to around 76 in the shallower areas of some coves. The lake level has remained consistent all week, with good periodic water flow at night and early in the mornings.

    The overall bite was below average for the week.

    A full moon and bright moonlit nights most of the week can easily be blamed for the poor fishing. Daytime catches were poor most days early in the week, with night catches slightly below average. The peak of the bite for the week was the night of the full moon, and it fell off from there.

    The South Fork River is well into the high 70's and low to mid 80's on many parts and the fish are either spawning or finished spawning in many areas. The bite there is virtually non-existant, and this can probably be blamed on the spawn/post spawn conditions.
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    Shelbyville, TN
    Thanks for the update. Good luck in the future.

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    nice will pick up soon
    I bet!
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    Thank you for the report, around here the water temps have been warm to but the fishing hasnt been that good yet, but hopefully the fising will pick up soon, I say this summer should be a great summer to fish I seen where Locust suppose to come back for the first time in like 7 years and I say once they start having alot of dead bugs on the water, the fish should be going crazy, good luck in your future trips and keep us posted on how you do.