Lake Wylie Report 4.13.08 - 4.19.08

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    The bite this week was about average on Wylie, with catches of 10-15 fish occuring. This is slightly slower than last week.

    Colder temps at the beginning of the week, then colder overnight temps later in the week, and the bright overnight moon kept things from moving into a consistent above average pattern during daylight hours. Water temps did climb well into the mid to upper 60's over most the main lake and Catawba River, with temperatures in the upper 70's on the South Fork River. The best bite usually came later in the day most of the week.

    The lake is being held consistently one foot above its target elevation for the season, and according to Duke Power this will continue to occur as long as the rains allow and the long term weather forecasts show below normal precipitation.

    If you decide to fish this coming weekend be aware the major ramps at South Point Access Area and Buster Boyd Access Area will probably be having bass tournaments. So, either arrive before 6:00am or after 4:00pm since most of these events launch around 7:00am and weigh-in around 3:00pm. There will be a major FLW event on Wylie, but it will launch out of Copperhead.
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    Are you sure its on Wylie??? Ive seen comercials and thought that it said it was on Norman... If its on Wylie Ill be fishing at night or on another lake.